Rumors – Rektangular Eternals’ leak and more

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Rektangular has post a video giving us some news about some upcoming waves and figures. As always guys consider it rumors until otherwise confirm despite Rekt stellar accuracy. (Also thanks for the shout out Rekt).

Please watch the video so he can keep doing what he does but here is the summary:

  • He more or less confirmed the Ajak figure we talked about yesterday which looks to be a store exclusive.
  • He mentioned the Eternals wave assortment, which we assume the Eternals ones will be MCU based, including
    1. Ikaris *2
    2. Sersei
    3. Sprite
    4. Makari
    5. Phastos
    6. Kingu
    7. Druig
  • A deluxe Kro figure

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