News – Venom wave leaked

Hey my Fellow Plastic Addict. Well, as is now the usual case, the Venom wave has been leaked. The news comes from Reddit. I had reported on the listing from various sources over the past couple of months with Venomized Mile Morales and Spider-Gwen being confirmed in the wave. Now thank to a few images found online we now know that the rumored listing has been confirmed true. This wave will also consist of Carnage (from the Absolute Carnage saga), Midnight Sons’ Morbius, another member of the Life Foundation Phage (only 2 left of them) and really surprising addition of Movie Venom. While Hasbro hinted that the BAF would be a Stilt Man BAF, it turns out to be a new Venompool figure from the Contest of Champions mobile game.

Hopefully this is not the only news Hasbro has for us tomorrow. I’m hoping with get some teases for the second Gamerverse wave.

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