New NCS – The last of the Flight (For now?)

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Would you believe it when I say, it was around this time of the year when Hasbro went to Canada’s Fan Expo and revealed the Alpha Box set? Hardly seems like that. It feels like they only were released a few months back. Well it has taken me nearly a year to get around to finishing this epic box set. I have already done most of the members including – Guardian (when he was announced as part of the Wendigo wave), Sasquatch (when he was announced as the BAF of a Deadpool wave), Aurora, Northstar, Puck and Shaman (which I have been doing over the past few week).

So this week we finish off the last few members of the Flight that have been made into a figure (for now as there are a few missing members). First up we have the demi-goddess, Snowbird. If you have no interest in the Flight, you can use her for your God Squad member. Also up today, we have the person who has lead the team longer then her husband, Vindicator.

With that I have complete the Alpha Flight box set but that is not the last of the Amazon Box sets that I need to do. Announced a few weeks back we have the Nimrod box set. I have already done Nimrod and Psylocke, so the next NCS I will do will be Fantomex.

HOWEVER, that will all depend on what is revealed tomorrow (Tuesday 18/08). I do have a good idea on what is being revealed (The Venom wave) but this has not been confirmed and Hasbro might change their minds. As has been the case over the past couple of Livestreams, I will be working during it so I will be late posting the reveals. If you have to know the news, head over to our friends for the updates. I will post it around 10.30 to 11.00 pm GMT.

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