New NCS – the diminutive hero and the mystic shaman

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Now that we are finally finished with all the new stuff that has been reveal (until at least next Tuesday when Hasbro will reveal some more figure) with jump back into the Amazon exclusive stuff. I started the Alpha Flight before this with Aurora and Northstar so let’s continue with that.

First off we have the short strong man with Puck. The way his backstory is done, makes me wonder if Marvel wanted people to forget he was a tall man before. Joining him today is someone who has been has gained a major supporting role in Dr. Strange’s comic, Shaman.

Next time we hopefully finish this box set with Snowbird and Vindicator.

As always, don’t forget to join the Subreddit, where you will get notice about a new NCS first as well as helping the site by telling I’m an idiot for forgetting a costume.

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