New NCS – The 2 queens of the Hellfire Club

Hey my Fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin with a look at what was supposed to be the SDCC exclusive of this year with a look at the 2 queens of the set. (Before anyone asked, it’s not available until September).

First up we have a look at what I assume most people will use the Black Queen figure for, Selene. I know I am using the Jean Grey image for this but I have yet to find an image with the Selene head on it.

Also up today is someone that skipped the queue from when I was going to do the Walgreen exclusives (which I listed in the schedule) to now. The former White Queen and now core member of the X-men, Emma Frost.

Next up will be the Kings, Sebastion Shaw and Donald Pierce, hopefully next week.

Also don’t forget to join our subreddit where you will get to know when the NCS will go up first.

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