NCS – 2 “Unique” Sentinels

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. After a couple of weeks of rest, we are back looking at some of the new characters that have been revealed over the past couple of weeks. Today we look at the 2 “unique” characters that will be coming in the Haslab Sentinel set, that being Bastion and Master Mold. Just to let you know, I will not be doing a NCS on the Prime Sentinels or the Sentinels as a whole for a while. This is because they are Army Builders and not unique characters. As such I want to do the unique characters first before even doing Army Builder (which there is alot to do anyway). As for why I am doing this and not finishing the Amazon Alpha Flight set, as you know I do regular waves first, and then Exclusives. Given that Pulse is Hasbro’s own store, I think it should take priority over the other stores.

As such the next NCS will be Selene.

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