NCS- A robotic cosmic powered Hulk?!

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I normally don’t do this but today we have a look at a Marvel Select. I know some people are Marvel Legends Purist but like many people, I think that there are some Marvel Select figure that work for you display. Watcher, Mephisto, Brood/Skrull soldiers, Ultron and more have been used by people in their display. (I have all but Ultron).

So when Diamond announced their new Hulk figure, many (including myself) dismissed it as they had the 80th anniversary figure. However they also announced that the figure will be coming with a swappable robot head. This make it a brand new character, which you can find out about Cosmic Hulk.

Also be sure to join our subreddit – Don’t be afraid to post in it. Don’t want to be the only person who uses it.

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