New NCS and Update – Cartoon Captain America

Hey My fellow plastic addicts. Our Subreddit member, The_Qu420, has gotten on me about The Venomized Captain America. He let me know that the figure is based on the Maximum Venom Cartoon. This is true as the wave is advertising that cartoon. This is true. As such I have created a new page for it – Captain America (Marvel’s Spider-man Cartoon). However, I will keep the Venomized figure in the Prime Captain America page as the cartoon is using that Variant cover as a inspiration. It was actually very confusing to make this page since the continuity of the cartoons is all over the place. The most recent Spider-man cartoon is in it’s own universe but when the Avengers Assmble cartoon went over to Black Panther’s Quest it seemed to jump universe to the new Spider-man cartoon. This also includes the GOTG cartoon as well.

He also ask it I was going to make new pages for the 90’s cartoon X-men, since the jacket Cyclops and ponytail Jean Grey are homages to the 90’s cartoon? Short answer, No. Since the cartoon version uses nearly the exact same costume as the comic version, I really don’t feel the need to do so as you can just decide for yourself to make a cartoon or comic team.

I also added the new Logan figure to the Wolverine (XCU) page as well as making a Preview page for Sebastian Shaw and Selene.

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