News – Fan First Tuesday 21/07/20 Recap

Hey my Fellow Plastic Addicts. While I was at work Hasbro held a livestream where they revealed probably the most they have so far. It is all X-men related. This is because July was the month of the first X-men movie first launched.

First of all, for the Mexico and Australia collector will joined the UK (with and US (Hasbro Pulse) in backing the Haslab Sentinel. They haven’t mention where yet so be on the look out for that. If you missed it yesterday, they are adding a second tentacle for free as thanks.

Next they talked about the Deadpool 2 figures. I talked about these yesterday (News – Movie Domino and Deadpool/Negasonic 2-pack) but for those that missed it, these are up for pre-order now at all Etailers. Also joining them today is the Old men set I talked about yesterday (News – Old Men set). Again these are up on every Etailer.

Onto some new stuff. I have talked about this before but Hasbro has confirmed that the Nimrod will be an Amazon exclusive. Not only that but it will come with a new Psylocke figure with purple hair and an asain face sculpted. This is based on the second Uncanny X-force costume from the Fall of Archangel arc. Also joining them is an upgraded Fantomex. The last one was on an update mold but they used the Multiple Man buck this time. You can pre-order this here –

Next up they went on talking about the Storm figure. We know that this was coming and would be a (UGH!!) Target exclusive. It was confirmed that she will come in a 2-pack with Thunderbird. (Before going on, This is not the same Character as the on in the Strong Guy wave. This is his older brother). Both are based on the Giant-Size X-men team with only Banshee left. Like I said this is a Target Exclusive but for those living in the UK/EU you can pre-order him at all the Etailers like Kapow and C+C.

They finally revealed what was supposed to be the SDCC exclusives. These will be going up on Hasbro Pulse in September. (Hopefully they will have an EU store for EU countries). There was 2 set, the first based on the Logan Movie. Not surprising this is a SDCC exclusive as it was an R-Rated movie. This will be a 2-pack of Logan and Charles Xavier.

The other one is something they have been hinting at for a while, the Hellfire Club. While they only have 4/5 member, they are the most important members. This set will include Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Donald Pierce and Black Queen Jean Grey/Selene (swappable heads).

While pretending that the camera were off (you have to think how much they practice these things), they tease a yellow glove (which people are thinking is for a Rogue figure) and 2 silver pieces that snapped together (which people are thinking will be part of a Stilt man / Lady Stilt Man and the BAF for the Venom wave).

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