News – Full Strong Guy Wave Leaked.

Ahoy me fellow plastic addicts! Earlier today Hasbro teased an image of a walking shark on all of their social media accounts. It took me asking a few of my readers who or what this was and it turned out it was Jeff the Landshark, a pet of Gwenpool and later Deadpool. I never had the chance to read Gwenpool so I didn’t know.

This, of course, was a tease of what Marvel Monday’s reveal was going to be but not ten minutes later someone leaked out a new image of the full wave of the Deadpool’s Strong Guy wave. We already knew about the Warpath, Sunspot, Black Tom, Maverick and Blue Deadpool but this image now confirmed the previously rumored Shihlak (who will come with the Jeff above) and Pirate Deadpool. (I know most are disappointed with the Pirate Deadpool but I can’t hate Hasbro for it as it is just a fun figure). So out of the 9 figures in this wave (yes, I am counting Jeff as a separate character) that mean we have 6 brand new characters (including the BAF), 2 new costumes (Warpath and Pirate DP) and one remake (Blue DP). Great wave to me.

This wave will go up for pre-order tommorrow and we will get better images of Shiklah and Piratepool.

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