NCS – An Electricify Villain, A Blind Archer and his Bitch Daughter

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. After last Friday’s reveals, we have 3 new NCS to talk about. First up we finish the Spider-man Vintage wave with a look at the only one I didn’t do a NCS before, Electro. Next we continue the X-men 20th Anniversary line with a look at one of the figures coming in a 2-pack that they talked about last Friday, Old Man Hawkeye. Finally since I was doing the Wasteland universe (that’s the Old Man Logan universe in case you are wondering) and I had a bit of extra time, I also did Hawkeye’s daughter, Spider-Girl (or as most know her, Spider-Bitch).

Hasbro are building quite a collection of Wastelanders. Who should be next? Hulk? Thor (Cage)? Ant-man? Head over to the Marvelousnews forums where we are discussing this. –

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