Post Fan First Friday – Character Updates and Rumors Round-up

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. Hope you have detoxed after the reveals on Friday. Today we have some updates to all the characters that were revealed, with only Moon Knight, Nimrod, Old Man Hawkeye and Electro being the only characters that I haven’t done a NCS for. (The Sabastian Shaw foot not withstanding).

The following character pages have been updated:

  • Daredevil – This is the only character that has gotten a new costume, that being his armored look. Find out the story behind that. Also added his profile.
  • Age of Apocalypse Apocalypse – Replaced the older Toy Fair image with the new image to show all he comes with.
  • Green Goblin – As well as adding a Profile, I replaced the TB Classic version with the new Hasbro version
  • Gwen Stacy – Replaced the older Toy Fair image with the new image to show all she comes with.
  • Mary Jane Watson – Added the image showing the swapable head on the Gwen Stacy body alongside the 2-pack so you could decide which version you want to buy.
  • Rogue – replaced the Toy Fair image with no white hair streak to the proper white hair streak version.
  • Spider-man – Replace both the Civilian and Classic versions with newer images to show what he comes with
  • War Machine – Finally replaced the images of the Deluxe set with the newer version.

Now you have seen all the figure above let get onto the stuff we have yet to see as they are only rumors at the moment (and subject to changes). Time for a rumor round-up and see what hasn’t come true………………….yet!

  1. A second Gamerverse wave – Hasbro hasn’t said that it is coming but store listings still have this in their systems. No word on what could be in it as they are codenamed but more then likely we will see at least Black Widow and Thor from the game with more comic figures to fill it out.
  2. Silver Centurion Iron Man – This has been rumored for a while and alot of people have been able to get sources for it coming. Could this be the start of an Iron Man Vintage wave?
  3. The last figures of the Strong Guy wave are a second Deadpool and Shiklah – They haven’t said which Deadpool but both of these are looking more and more like they are true. These would be part of the same wave are Warpath, Sunspot, Black Tom, Maverick and blue Deadpool. Release date is for August.
  4. Fan Channel Dr. Doom – this hasn’t been confirmed but it is looking like it will be the White version on a vintage card.
  5. Fan Channel Toxin – Hasbro has confirmed that there will be more Spider-man Vintage stuff so it’s looking like this will be true as well. Looking at the price it may also be a deluxe or similar to the Hulk and Kingpin vintage sets.
  6. X-men Movie 20th Anniversary lineMost, if not all, of the movie figures have been confirmed but many of the comic figure have not been confirmed. Most of them will be part of a set. These are:
    1. The First Appearance Storm will be part of a 2-pack with the first Thunderbird. It has however been 100% confirmed that this is a Target exclusive.
    2. The Rogue figure, which you can see above, will be part of a 2-pack with Pyro. People confused as the description talks about them being part of the movie but this could just be a mistake.
    3. Although it is not confirmed as a part of this line, Nimrod is rumored to be coming in a 3-pack with Psylocke and Fantomex and is looking more and more as an Amazon exclusive.
    4. (Not a rumor but it was confirmed that Old Man Logan and Hawkeye are a 2-pack as was said during the Livestream).
  7. Finally new listings have revealed the rumored full assortment for the Venom wave. Hasbro has confirmed that this is still coming this year, which they are marketing as Maximum Venom to tie in with the cartoon series. Only Venomized Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen but they may be joined by another Venom, Carnage, Morbius (who is in the wave because of his own movie) and brand new character Phage.

And that’s pretty much all I can remember. I would also like to remind people that next Monday is the Marvel Monday of Junes so check back then.

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