News – Fans First Friday Recap

Better late then never. This is mainly for those that use my site for news, which I am grateful for. Not much was revealed that I didn’t reveal earlier today. I feel kind of guilty about that but you can look at the Spider-man Vintage, Moon Knight and AIM Trooper here – News – Full Spider-man Vintage wave and 2 exclusive– and the War Machine and Apocalypse here – News – New Deluxe Images – Apocalyspe and War Machine. This will be mostly about the stuff they were talking about in the stream.

They went through some stuff we knew about since the Toy Fair, like the pinless Hawkeye and Rogue, which now has her signature hair style and a second head as well as showing off Nimrod’s classic head. However they haven’t confirmed how they will be released yet. Rogues is rumored to be part of a 2-pack with Pyro/ Old Man Hawkeye is rumored to be coming with Old Man Logan. Nimrod is rumored to be coming with Psylocke and Fantomex and is looking more and more like an Amazon exclusive.

They also had a couple of teases. Both were legs. LOL. One of them was what looks like might be part of a Sabastian Shaw figure. IMPO, it could also belong to Morlun, Spider-man 1602 or another Hellfire club member. The other leg was massive with the Wolverine and Jubilee figure looking like it will only come to it’s ankle. This was obviously teasing the Haslab Sentinel they teased at Toy fair.

They also answered a few questions which actually gave us some confirmation of upcoming stuff.

  • When asked whether they would be pushing back wave because of Movies being delayed, the confirmed that the Eternals’ wave will be pushed back until next year BUT the Venomized wave will be released on schedule.
    • Just a reminder, the only confirmed figures are a Venomized Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen (or Ghost Spider as she is being marketed) with rumours of a new Venom, Carnage, Morbius and Phage
  • When asked with the release of BAF as deluxe figure if they would do away with BAF, they said that the BAF are going nowhere. They only released those so they could get the baf in a new costume which is true since none of the BAF Deluxes are straight re-releases.
  • There will be more Box set like Alpha Flight
  • There will be an SDCC exclusive this year but they don’t know who it will be released.
  • There will be more Retro figure both single fan channels and possibly a new wave.
  • There may be more Into the Spider-verse figure coming.
  • They are working on making more House/Powers of X figure to go along with the Nimrod figure.
  • There will be a brand new Army Builder this year. They haven’t said what but they said it will not be anything we have before.
  • They hinted at the biggest BAF ever but that could have also be a hint for the Sentinel. They weren’t really clear.

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