NCS – A whole lot of X-movies

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. I know I said I would do Rogue next but I didn’t have time to research her. So since I don’t really go into dept with the movie figures, I have done all the X-men 20th Anniversary MOVIE figures. There is still some movie figures from the start of Hasbro run of ML (Jean Grey, Juggernaut, Beast and Colossus from Last Stand) but I will leave them for later. Just to let people know I will NOT do separate page for the separate timelines of movie. They are too confusing enough for me.

Just a Quick reminder on all the movie figures so far revealed going by what they said and solicitations. This will be subject to changes :

  • Single releases:
    • Wolverine (XCU) – This will get a regular figure (brown jacket) as well as a Amazon exclusive (white shirt)
    • Mystique (XCU) – This will get a regular release
    • Domino (XCU) – This will get a regular release and is NOT part of a 2-pack with Cable
  • 2-packs:
  • Exclusives:
    • Cable (XCU) – except for the Amazon Wolverine figure I mentioned above, this is the only figure that is 100% confirmed to be an exclusive, this time to Walmart.

There is comic figures coming into this sub-line but nothing has been 100% confirmed by Hasbro.

Anyhow, next up will be the Rogue NCS when I get the chance.

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