New NCS – MJ’s Apocalypse…….Wait What?

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. Today, we finished off what we know about the Spider-man Vintage wave by looking the swappable head that comes with Gwen Stacy. We look at the Spider-man’s greatest love, Mary Jane Watson. (Gwen shippers are going to attack me for that statement).

Next we begin and end the Deluxe line. I did a War Machine NCS already so today we look at the Age Of Apocalypse …………………Apocalypse.

Next up we will start looking at the characters in the (non-exclusive) X-men 20th anniversary line. This will include the movie Wolverine(s), Mystique, Deadpool, Negasonic, Prof X, Magneto and Domino. However I will be doing the comic versions that we think are in this line first. This is the Rogue, Old Men Logan and Hawkeye with Baby Hulk and Mystique (since she has a movie figure). I will also include the Nimrod in this as I assume he will be part of this line as well (though I don’t know if he will be exclusive yet).

TLDR; next up is Rogue.

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