NCS – Kingpin Update and 3 Miles Morales

Hey my fellow plastic addict. Today we have one update and 3 new NCS. First up, after it was revealed today, I have updated the Kingpin page. I have put the new one under the Classic version and the BAF under the Modern version.

As for the new stuff, today we have a look at Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universes second Spider-man. Yesterday I asked since the upcoming Venomized Miles Morales is based the cartoon version should I make a new page for him? It was pretty even but you guys voted for a new page. Spy-D, as he is known as in the cartoon, is what the Vemonized version is based on. Finally, since I was doing Miles, I did the “Into the Spider-verse” version that came in the Target 2-pack with Spider-Gwen.

Speaking of Spider-Gwen, she is up next alongside her Prime Universe version, and if I have time her Into the Spider-verse version.

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