New NCS – Rage, Ms Marvel and 3 Gameverse

Hey plastic addicts. Today we have a number of NCSs up today from the Gamerverse wave, finishing off the regular figures. First we have the only brand new character, the young Rage. Since I haven’t talk about her yet and she now has a Gamerverse figure, I added Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel (comic version). Finally I have added the Gamerverse of Iron Man, Captain America and Ms. Marvel. Not much to say about those since we don’t know what the game is like as it was delayed.

I will finish off the Gamerverse wave with looking at the Abomination (both comics and gamerverse). That’s not the last Gamerverse as there still is the Hulk but I will wait until I get to the exclusives to do that. Once this wave is done I will move onto the “Venom Wave” (probably right after I do Abomination) with Mile Morales.

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