News/Rumor – X-men 20th Anniversary Update

A bit of an update for the earlier rumor JTPrime of forum did some digging in the Walmart listings and found out something interesting. If people remember back to the MCU 10th anniversary line, each set (single or otherwise) were given a number for each, ranging from 0 (the Red Skull SDCC exclusive) to I think 20. I think the 80th Anniversary did something similar. Hasbro did say that this is the year of the X-men. Now JTPrime has discovered:

Ok I did a quick Walmart inventory scan.

I believe Cable was the only one confirmed as an exclusive to them in the U.S.?

Anyways these are the only ones of the bunch that is in Walmart’s system.

Cable (exclusive) which is code named “program exclusive”

Mystique which is 20th anniversary # “2”.

Oldman Logan and Hawkeye set which is 20th anniversary # “8”

We know about all of these figures mentioned since Toy Fair, but this is the first time we have gotten (somewhat) confirmation that the line will be a mix of Comic and Movie figures. Not only that but it confirms that the Old Men will be a 2-pack but most people know that.

In case you don’t remember, the figures that we saw in this line are Movies version of Wolverine (one regular release and one Amazon exclusive), Mystique, Domino, Cable (walmart exclusive) and 2-packs of Deadpool and NTW with Magneto and Xavier. Old Man Logan and Hawkeye will be a 2-pack as well.

Today, Thanks to JayC, we have a rumor of Storm that they showed off at Toy Fair will be a Target exclusive with Thunderbird. He also learnt that there will be a Rogue and Pyro set but the text say they might be part of the Movie line but it remains to be seem. The Storm and Thunderbird also fall under this line but don’t say they are from the movie.

As always I remind people that these are rumor. They are not confirm. Thanks to JTPrime and JayC for the info.

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