Character Update – Beast and Morph

Hey gang. Today I have a few updates. Just announced today, I have added the Grey Beast to his page so check that out to see the story behind it. I have also change the images for both the AOA and Exile’s Morph and change the wave to Sugar Man.

Also these Preview/Coming Soon page have been on the site for a while but I have added profiles. Have a look at what you can expect from the characters:

  • MACH – That the original Beetle and Mach-I/II/III/IV/V/X/whatever number he is on now.

I have also added some new Preview pages for:

  • Magneto (XCU) – before anyone asks, no I will not make a separate page for the 2 actor for any of the XCU characters.
  • Maverick – also known as Agent Zero if you want
  • Ms. Marvel (Gamerverse) – Yes there are differences in the costume, new boots and a new head.
  • Mystique (XCU) – again not doing a separate page

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