Rumor! DP, Avengers and more

Not even a day after Toy Fair and we have some new rumors for the Deadpool wave, Venom wave and some Fan Channel exclusives. News comes from JayC from

While Toy Fair is barley behind us, we already have a new round of Marvel Legends rumors to share with you, and while we are fairly confident in the sources (Our track record has been pretty good so far), we will still treat these as rumors until Hasbro officially confirms them.

First up, the final two figures for the Strong Guy Build-A-Figure Deadpool wave look to include another Deadpool and Shiklah. We don’t have specifics on Deadpool. At Toy Fair it was confirmed that Black Tom Cassidy and Maverick would be joining Warparth, Sunspot and Deadpool in blue.

For Fan Channel exclusives it looks like we will be getting Dr. Doom (likely white variant), Kingpin (maybe black variant), Mysterio (which we are told is a cosmic version), and Toxin. Some of these will be on retro cardbacks.

Finally we have further confirmation of their being a second Avengers themed wave released this year beyond the newly announced Abomination Build-A-Figure wave. Still know specific details on what figures will be included.

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