Rumor – Punisher Van and More?

With only a few days left until Toy Fair, rumors are coming through the woodworks. This latest bit of info comes from a reddit user, EpicThrowback, who claims that a local Comic book store owner gave him info on some upcoming figures and waves. While I have my doubt about some of these, he does mention some interesting items.

The first item he mentions come as a particular interest as he mentions a Punisher Van set. This has me doubting this post as I just don’t see Hasbro putting in the effort making this when their Star Wars Tie-Fighter sold poorly. BUT If true it opens up a whole host of figures and vehicles. Maybe the long request Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider and his Charger?

As for the rest:

  • the 2 X-men wave are more then likely the AOA and Strong Guy waves.
  • It has already been rumoured that we were getting a number of Fan Channel exclusives, including a black suited Kingpin.
  • I mentioned the rumor of a Spider-man retro wave before but it looks like we might have another one. Iron Man maybe?
  • That Spider-man wave could very well just be the Venom wave as it fall under the Spider-man banner.
  • 4 exclusives is no surprise as we already have several rumoured like the Walgreens Iron Man 2020 and Moon Knight
  • We know of the 2 Avengers gamerverse wave but I doubt there will be another until NEXT year (if hasbro keeps the license).
  • I have no idea what he was talking about with the DUD and Normal wave thing.

Like I said, it is very questionable about some of these but it is fun to see what could be.

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