Character Update- Venom (Klyntar)

During last week we had the reveal (and some small releases) of the Deluxe Venom figure. As such the Venom (Klyntar) page has been updated with the figure being added to the Brock display (I decided you can choose for yourself which version you want) and the Gargan IV version (yes he had that version at some point).

I have also added the following because of him:

  • Citizenship: Klyntar (the symbiotes home planet)
  • Gender: Agender (characters who don’t have a particular gender)
  • Height: Variable (Character who don’t have a set height)
  • Race: Klyntar (or symbiotes if you want)
  • Creators: Randy Schueller, Jim ShooterMike Zeck
  • Alternates of: Venoms (Which also includes people who wore the symbiote but haven’t had a figure of that version made, IE the GOTG)
  • The Family of; Venom (Which includes all of his family including the Symbiotes that have and haven’t been made and his (and only his) hosts. BY THE WAY, you can get to this page by clicking on the family text in the footers).
  • New Teams:  CIA,  Cosmic Strangers,  Dark Avengers, Savage Avengers, The Venmoverse Resistance

I will hopefully have the Invisible Woman NCS up tomorrow and will get around to updating Brock’s page at some point.

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