Rumor! – Release Time-frames

Hi gang. First I know I promised Invisible Woman’s NCS this week but that will be held back til at least Monday or Tuesday. I will have an Character Update hopefully on Sunday with 3 characters getting an update with Profiles and footers being added.

Any Hoo, many of you have probably been wondering with all the rumors I have posted over past couple of weeks when are Hasbro going to release them. Well, JayC Of has gotten onto his sources and has found out a few extra news and release dates.

Some more details i’ve received from reliable sources:

There’s a retro-carded Beast coming in June, presumably the rumored gray Beast. Also, presumably the random X-Men figure available to preorder from EB Games in Canada.

Avengers video game wave is in April.

Age of Apocalypse wave is in May.

Deadpool wave is in August.

There’s a Venom wave coming in October.

Keep in mind these are approximate release timeframes.

Rektangular had reported the Beast figure and another MN Forum reader, Lord_Scareglow has said that he has pre-ordered a X-men Vintage figure without any indication on what it was.

I already reported about the rumored listing of the Avengers but just a recap it will 100% contain a Gamerverse Iron Man but may contain a Gamerverse Cap and Kamala Khan with comic Mar-Vell, Rage, Leader and Mach-I. Given that the game was supposed to come out in April, they can’t hold back the wave as it’s already made. There is also a rumored second wave with no word on what is in it.

We know most of the AOA wave (AOA Weapon X, Jean Grey, Dark Beast, X-man, Morph, Sunfire and Wild Child) but no word on what the Baf is yet BUT it is rumored to be Sabretooth OR Sugar Man. The Deadpool wave is the Strong Guy Wave announce all the way back in SDCC 2019 with X-men Deadpool, X-force Sunspot and Warpath being the only ones confirmed. No word on what the rest of the wave is.

While we do know there will be a Venom wave we have no word on what could be in it but I can assume that Morbius will be also be part of that wave since he has a movie as well this year.

We will find out more on these rumors at Toy Fair on 22th February. I will probably be late in reporting the news on this as I have my niece Christening on that day but be sure to go to for the news.

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