Rumors! Rektangular leaks

Rektangular is at it again. Check out his leak in the video below.

It should be noted that he doesn’t know who or where these will be released but my opinion is alot of these will be fan channel exclusives, store exclusives or part of a vintage line. But if you don’t want to watch it here is basically what he says and my opinions on his leaks.

  • Space Suit Iron Man – he mentions it could be a movie figure but I actually think it’s the Space Armor MKI, MKII, or any of the speciality armors.
  • Silver Centurion Iron Man – Like he said long time coming.
  • Grey Beast – near straight repaint of the Caliban version. It should be noted this is NOT the same as the AOA version.
  • Venomised Cap – I think it will be based on his appearance in -Venomverse story line –
  • Some walgreen exclusive
    • 2020 Iron Man – no word one whether it’s the 616 version or the original version
    • Moon Knight – Like he said I think it would be an all white version.

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