News – Walmart and Target Exclusive Black Widows

(Update- I’m getting conflicting stories saying that these mightn’t be exclusive so just take it as a rumour for now).

With the release of the Black Widow movie only a few months away and them announcing all the merch for it, you could be wondering “Where are all the comic book versions of Black Widow?”. Well wonder no more as Hasbro has announce that they will be releasing 2 comic book version of Black Widow in 2 very different but very important costumes.

First is probably something most BW fans will recognised, the grey suit BW from the 80’s. Hasbro previously released a version of this in their 2-pack during the dark ages but since they have been redoing all their shitty figures, they decided to release a new version of them. This will be a Walmart exclusive that will go up for Pre-order tomorrow at the earliest

Not to be outdone, Target will also have a comic book version. For those wondering where the white suit idea in the movies comes from, here it is. Based on the Deadly Origin mini series, we have the white suit Black Widow. This will also go up for pre-order tomorrow at the earliest.

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