Overall Best Marvel Legend of 2019

(I believe I have to say this first because people still complain about the results. This was voted for by you the readers so no Complaints. Get it? Got it. Good.) Anyhow, over the last couple of weeks and months, I have been asking you what was the best figure of a various categories, the winners of each moved onto the final, which you voted for last week. Well the results are in and we now have an overall winner.

But before that, let’s have a look and the 3rd and 2nd place runners-up. I won’t go into detail since I talk about how fantastic these are already.

Well that was the runners up so who could have won? Who could have beaten 2 of the best figure that have ever been released for these characters if not best figures ever. I will say that it was a very close race with the winner only winning by a few votes. But the Overall Best Marvel Legends of 2019 as voted by you is……………………..

Marvel Legends X-men Caliban wave Nightcrawler

With 20.2% of the votes, we have Nightcrawler. Many people didn’t think Hasbro could beat the Toybiz version. Hell, some even think that they still haven’t yet. But no one can’t deny that this is a brilliant figure and is needed for any collection.

Well, that the best figure of 2019. I know most will disagree but remember like I said several time this was voted for by you the readers. Thanks to all the people who voted and to all who stuck with this site for the past three year (has it really been that long?). Hopefully next year won’t be the last year of ML (we still don’t know the story with Hasbro and the License extension) and I can continue for many many years.

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