Result – Best MCU Figures 2019

Hey gang. We enter the last semi-final result this week with a look at The Best MCU Figures of 2019. We have had some very nice figure this year, many of them being the MCU. So let see which you think are some of the best.

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

Best Newcomer

3rd Place (13%): Korg

2nd Place (16%): Corvus Glaive

Winner (23%): Mysterio

Taking the best newcomer we have the “Pretending to be a hero” villain Mysterio. Even though many people knew that Mysterio was a villain in the movie, the way they revealed the twist was great and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was fantastic. So a fantastic character needs a fantastic figure. This design screams a classic version made into a MCU figure with loads of detail. The only thing that could have made this better is if they had included a unmasked head.

Best Remake

3rd place (3%): Infinity War 2-pack Iron Man

2nd Place (6%): 80th anniversary Giant-Man

Winner (45%): Tie- Hela and Iron Spider

We now have our first ever tied winner with Hela and Iron Spider. Starting with Hela, the first figure wasn’t that bad but it was based on preliminary concept art so there was many things that wasn’t like the movie. This one is a huge improvement on that that not only comes with a much better paint but also a much more accurate and beautiful head sculpt. As for Iron Spider, while most of this figure is just the same version as the last one with a new paint job, the added Waldoes really makes this figure worth getting.

Best Re-release

3rd Place (23%): Phasing Vision

2nd Place (32%): Grandmaster

Winner (42%): Vibranium Black Panther

Thankfully, there wasn’t many Re-releases this year. However, at the start of the year and with Hasbro rushing to get this wave out, they included releasing their 2 previous Black Panthers. There is not much different about this figure from the previous version but the pink/purple colors really pop on this figure.

Best Villain

3rd Place (10%) : Tie – Tactical Suit Killmonger and Executioner

2nd Place (23%): Ebony Maw

Winner (48%): Mysterio

Winning a second time today we have Mysterio. I already said what I wanted in the previous entry so check that out.

Best Female

3rd Place (10%): Tie- Shuri and Peggy Carter

2nd Place (19%): Rescue

Winner (32%): Valkyrie

People have been asking for this version since the Ragnarok movie and while she is a bit smaller then her previous figure (which IMO work better), this is a great figure with loads of detail and great paint app.

Best New Costume

3rd Place (13%): Rescue Armor Pepper Potts

2nd Place (23%): Worthy Cap

Winner (26%): Iron Patriot War Machine

This was an extremely close one with there only been one vote between the winner and 2nd place. But the outright winner is Iron Patriot. This is actually a figure we all saw coming and it was a welcome addition. The previous figure was a great figure in it’s own right but this was so much better with loads of guns and cannons.

Well, That’s it for the Best MCU figures of 2019. What do you guys think? Agree or disagree? Let me know.

Now that we have all our winners, the finals will start later today.

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