Result – Best Comic Figures 2019

Hey gang. The Best Comic Figures results are in and we have some surprising results. It was an extreme tight race with some figure only winning by a single vote. Which is no surprise as this year comic figures have been the best we have had for a while with some very nice new addition to the over all Marvel Universe collections, team members and Wardrobe collections. But enough with the rambling. Onto the winners.

Best Newcomer

3rd Place (13%): Dani Moonstar/Karma/Wolfsbane

2nd place (18%): Night Thrasher

Winner (45%): Silver Samurai

Even with over 21 new characters, there was one clear winner this year. The Japanese sometimes villain, sometimes hero and long time rival to Wolverine, Silver Samurai has been a figure that we have been asked for for a while. Hasbro teased us very early on in their run when he was one of the choices for the first Fan Poll but it wasn’t until now that we finally got him. This figure is a thing of beauty and well worth the wait.

Best Remake

3rd Place (10%): 3-way Tie – Prof X, Jean Grey and Gambit

2nd Place (23%): Nightcrawler

Winner (28%): Beast

They said it couldn’t be done. They said there was no way they could beat Toybiz. (Some still do). But this figure proves that Hasbro is trouncing Toybiz with it’s remakes. This figure has more articulation then any figure from Hasbro since they began making Marvel Legends and the sculpt is fantastic. The only thing that can bring this figure down is the fact that it didn’t come with a relaxed head.

Best 80th Anniversary Remake

3rd Place (13%): Tie – Colossus and Scarlet Witch

2nd Place (15%): Thor

Winner (38%): Hulk

Another clear winner. This is the Hulk we have been asking for since the Toybiz days. It’s big. It’s bulky. It comes with a ripped shirt. It is the Hulk that is needed for any collection.

Best Re-Release

3rd Place (13%): SDCC Hulk

2nd Place (15%): Cyclops (Love Triangle)

Winner (25%): Juggernaut

This was the category that almost everybody had a chance of winning but the 2-Pack Juggernaut wins. Not only does it help with those that missed the chance to get the BAF a few years back but it also has better, more classic paint apps as well as coming with a great Colossus figure.

Best Villain

3rd Place (13%): Silver Samurai

2nd Place (18%): Magneto

Winner (25%): Mr. Sinister

Winning the best villain we have what is also a great remake in the form of Mr. Sinister. This is bulkier and taller then the previous version. Plus their the fact that his grin truly make him look evil.

Best Female

3rd Place (10%): Jubilee

2nd Place (15%): Storm

Winner (40%): Scarlet Witch

When the Family Matter 3-pack was announced, no one was interested in Scarlet Witch. All they saw were classic Magneto and Quicksilver. But once they got the figure in hand they found that this figure is absolutely gorgeous. That headsculpt is a work of art and make this figure the best of the 3-pack.

Best New Costume

3rd place (15%): Renegade Emma Frost

2nd Place (18%): X-Factor Havok

Winner (23%): Modern Hercules

There were alot of characters that got new suits but only one that was an entirely new sculpt and that was Hercules. I know some people were miffed that it wasn’t the Classic version but this figure looks great and is a nice figure to have in your collection.

Best Spider-Person

3rd Place (15%) : Doppelganger

2nd Place (23%): Julia Carpenter’s Spider-woman

Winner (25%): Big-Time Spider-man

Another surprising win (Spider-woman was winning up until the last day). While this might not be for everybody, this is a great addition and remake to any Spidey collection.

Best Wolverine

3rd place (18%): First Appearance Wolverine

2nd place (28%): X-Force Wolverine

Winner (30%): Love Triangle Wolverine

Does new bone claws and a battle damage head make a great Wolverine? Apparently so as the winner of the first Wolverine of the year goes to the Love Triangle 3-pack Wolverine.

Best X-men

3rd place (10%): Gambit

2nd place (25%): Beast

Winner (33%): Nightcrawler

He may have not won the best remake but winner of the Best X-men figure is the blue elf Nightcrawler. There were more X-men this year then any other year so I know it was tough to pick just one but I think this is a figure that deserves it.

Well that all the winners of the comic categories. Do you agree with all of them? Disagree? Let me know.

The next part (the MCU catergories) will be up later.

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