Results – Best Exclusive Singles, 2-pack, Multipack and Fan Channel singles

Hey Plastic Addict. The results are in for the best exclusives of 2019. According to some people, myself included this was way harder to pick then the last one. However, there were some very clear winners. So instead of me rambling let get onto the results.

Best Exclusive – Single

3rd Place (9%): 3-way Tie of Grey Hulk, Emma Frost and Mystique

2nd Place (14%): Tie Worthy Cap and 80th Cap

Winner (34%) – Dani Moonstar

A second time winner this year we have Dani Moonstar. Like what I said before this is a brilliant idea from Hasbro. Giving us 3 brand new character in one and making us hunt it down 3 times to be able to have all three. Not to mention that if you wanted you could pay a few more and make Magik and Magma with existing parts. Money well spent I say.

Best Exclusive – 2-pack

3rd Place (6%): Tie of Peggy/Cap and Kraven’s Last Hunt

2nd Place (9%): Tie of Corvus Glaive/Loki and Elders of the Universe

Winner (66%) – X-Factor

Yikes. That’s a huge gap. But this one deserves it. People bemoaned Hasbro for not making these version when they released the previous version. They wanted these versions. Hasbro, as always, listens to fan and decided not only to give us these version but nearly the entire team coming out soon. I don’t even have this set (stupid Hasbro UK) but I love these and they are absolutely need for any X-collections.

Best Exclusive – Multi-pack

3rd Place (23%) – Alpha Flight

2nd Place (31%) – Family Matter

Winner (46%) – Love Triangle

This is actually the first year we have enough Multi-pack to have this category. However, since there was only 3 choices this was alot harder to most. This set is a great set. First we have Wolverine but instead of just being a straight repaint we have a new damaged head as well as the requested bone claws. Next we have Cyclops with 2 new head as well as the request bomber jacket that he wore in the animated series. Finally we have what made the set for most people and that is the update Jim Lee’s Jean Grey. The last one wasn’t that bad but compared to this one it was a POS. Well worth getting this set just for this Jean.

Best Fan Channel – Singles

3rd Place (17%) – X-Force Deathlok

2nd Place (23%) – War Machine Punisher

Winner (29%) – Big Time Spider-man

This was a really, really close one. As I was watching it during the week, it look like anyone could win, with WM Punisher nearly winning until BT Spidey took it with only 2 votes. I known these figures aren’t for everybody but Hasbro are giving us some version that they missed the first time. I haven’t gotten this figure yet but it is my favourite of the bunch. I think it might be because I am a huge Spidey collector or the fact that it is ShartimusPrime’s signature figure but it is a great addition to any Spidey wardrobe.

Well that’s it for this week. The next part will go up later and it’s everybody’s favourite part. The Comic Book Figure categories. Check Back Later.

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