News – Press event (one new figure)

The embargo is gone so many site are posting much better images of the figures revealed (Check this is out – ). We also got confirmation on what is going where. Thanks to JayC and gang for the images.

Stan Lee will be stand alone and available at Target first and other store after.

The Fantastic Four figure (in their modern suits) will joined Dr. Doom and She-Hulk as part of a F4 based wave (this make it the first wave since the relaunch and the second wave from Hasbro after the Ronan wave). No word on if the wave has a BAF but it will more then likely will. (My guess is either Dragon Man or Lockjaw).

Lastly we have Sunspot and Warpath but also joining them is another Deadpool. This time it will be the X-men Deadpool. This was originally release as a 2-pack with a variant Warpath (hey look at that they can’t be separated). These will be part of an unconfirmed X-wave (my guess a DP wave with the Strong Guy BAF).

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