News NYCC 2019 Livestream

Well that didn’t take long. During a livestream, Hasbro has reveal some new figures!!!

First of all they confirmed that the generalissimo Stan Lee is finally getting a release. This was supposed to be released as a 2-pack BAF but was cancelled due to the legal issues he was having at the time.

Next we have the all 4 Fantastic Four member. These will be part of a Fantastic four set and will be in their modern costume with new parts, Beard Mr. Fantastic, Energy Sheild Sue, Powerless Johnny and Thing with a new head and shorts.

Finally for X-men fan or rather X-Force fan, get ready for 2 more members of the original team as we get Sunspot and Warpath in their original X-force costumes.

I’ll put up better images when they become available. There should me more to reveal in the next few hours so be sure to check back by then.

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