Gamerverse Spider-man (Play this game!!)

Hey gang, we finish off our look at the latest Spider-man wave (at least until the first weekend October when the NYCC is on, if not sooner) with a look at another Spider-man. This time we look at the fantastic video game version. After debating about it for a while, I have decided to treat this like a movie character and only give you the basic info. However, unlike movie figures, I will give you the info on where the suits come from and what is left to come from that game. I will not however include any suit that is based on a comic version (their redesign in the game aside) and will only include suits that are canonical to the game’s story or are exclusive to the game. I.E. even though Hasbro advertise the Armor Mk III as a PS4 suit, it is actually based on a comic suit and suits like the Velocity that are only in the game (the comic spinoff aside).

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