Character Updates – Post SDCC 26/7/19

Back from holidays back to work. But before we return to do some new NCS, we have to update all the older characters that have gotten some new and/or updates. I should note that I won’t be updating Deadpool with the white suit because I can’t find any images of DP in that suit.

  • MCU Captain America – Replaced the Avengers version for the upcoming Endgame wave one
  • MCU Valkyrie – Added the new figure from the Endgame wave
  • MCU Iron Man – Removed the Endgame 2-pack head and replaced it with the MK 85 from the Endgame wave.
  • MCU War Machine – need the Iron Patriot version under the Avengers: Endgame and left it up to you to decide which version to get.
  • MCU Thor – added Bro-Thor
  • Punisher – Added the Fan channel exclusive. Couldn’t find an exact image but came close
  • Deathlok Prime – Added Uncanny X-Force version and added the new X-force costume to needs
  • MCU Ant-Man – Replace the Civil War Giant Man with the Fan Exclusive version
  • Wolverine – Added and explained the Bone Claw version to the Tiger Stripe section.
  • Phoenix– replaced the Rocket Racoon wave figure with the much better Love Triangle figure.
  • Cyclops – Added the Jacketed Jim Lee figure but people should know that this version is an Animated version and not a comic version.
  • Spider-man – added the Armor MKIII (End Of Earth) suit (in case you are wondering, the Velocity suit is part of the Gamerverse universe only, which will be added soon).
  • Dr. Doom – Replaced the classic version with the newly announced version.

That’s it for the updates. I will beginning new NCSs tomorrow (if not Sunday or Tuesday) with MCU Grandmaster.

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