News – SDCC Hasbro Marvel Panel Recap

“Hasbro is weak this year” I hear you said. “These aren’t the figure we want” you whined. Bloody Noobs. When are you going to learn that Hasbro always saves the best until the Panel?

Last night was the big event folks. Hasbro had their Panel where they reveal many many brand new figure that have a selection of Fan favourite characters, costumes and Vehicle. There is a ton to get through so let jump right in.

Starting with the 80th Anniversary line, they reveal some stuff that was rumour for a while.

For the single figures we have:

  • Punisher in a camo paint
  • Deathlok in uncanny X-force colors
  • MCU Giant man rerelease

80th anniversary 2-pack next which are X-factor based. We are getting an Havok and Polaris in their X-Factor outfits.

Finally for the 80th anniversaru we have a new Jim Lee Jean Grey (comes with an animated version ponytail head), Cyclops (in a jacket and 2 umasked heads) and Wolverine (with battle damaged head, unmasked head and bone claws).

Next we move onto the Riders line. Revealed via a livestream we got a look at 2 new vehicle set in the form of fan requested characters in the form of Cosmic Ghost Rider and Squirrel Girl.

We got a look at some of the Spider-man wave. Also revealed during the livestream we got the Shang-Chi, with nunchucks and multiple kung-fu hands. Spider-man himself got 2 new versions, one being the Armor Mk III from the End of Earth arc and the High Velocity suit from then PS4 game. Finally we get an updated version of a classic villian in the form of Vulture.

Onto the X-men wave next and Hasbro surprised all of us by announcing that next yeat will have be have multiple wave based on the Age Of Apocalypse event. We are getting the break out star of the story with Nate Grey, X-man. Joining him, we get an update Weapon X. Finally for those that want more Exiles to join Blink we are getting Morph.

Also shown was a baf for an unknown wave in the form of Strong Guy.

Speaking of X-men, Hasbro has announced their next Walgreen exclusive with Moonstar. BUT! You will have to get three as it comes with not one but 2 heads and 2 set of hand that will allow you to created Karma and Wolfbane.

Finally we got 2 figure we don’t know where they will be release (though if you ask me, it could be the start of a Fantastic Four wave). She-Hulk get a more bulkier version in her modern Hulk form. Those whining about the Infamous Iron Man not being a Classic Dr. Doom, stop whining because here he is.

That all fron the panel. This may be the last reveals of this weekend but worru not hasbro will be going to more conventions then ever over the years as seen in this image.

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