News – SDCC 2019 Hasbro Breakfast

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Getting over a hangover is hard but having new toy reveals make it all better. This morning had there annual Press Breakfast where they showed off the third wave of Endgame figures, which will be a whole MCU wave.

In the wave we have:

  • America’s Ass, I mean Captain America from the first Avengers movie (a straight re-release of that figure)
  • Vision with a bit of a phasing (translucent) design
  • Valkyrie in her white costume you see in Ragnarok and Endgame
  • Iron Man MK 85 with nano-gaunlet
  • Heimdal from the Ragnarok movie
  • Iron Patriot War Machine from Endgame
  • The BAF will be what people have lovingly dubbed Labowski Thor.

America’s Ass



Iron Man MK 85


Iron Patriot

BAF: Labowski Thor

That all that was reveal so far but be sure to check for all new reveals.

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