News – Early SDCC Love Triangle reveal?

While I wait for my brother’s wedding tomorrow, some one over at has revealed a variant cover of someone recreating the famous X-men #1 using Marvel Legends X-men figure based around the Jim Lee figures. While most of them are basically the one that have been revealed and/or released during the year, the Jean Grey figure is the odd one out as it is not the one from the Rocket Racoon wave. This seem to be a brand new figure that has yet to be revealed. It’s is rumoured that she will be part of a box set with Cyclops and Wolverine in a Fan Channel exclusive Love Triangle 3-pack (i.e. Etailers like Entertainment Earth or comic speciality stores) but it is currently unknown if this is the one. With SDCC staring tomorrow we will see if this is true or not.

Discussion over at

(Please note that I’m currently on Holidays so I am using keyboard I’m not used to and on my phone, so Im sorry about the way these are posted. Also not I won’t be on top of reveals as I was last year (a day or 2 late). Thanks for your understanding)

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