News – SDCC MCU Elders of the Universe set

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Last week we got a look at one of the SDCC exclusives with the Classic / Modern Hulk on a Retro cards. This week, JayC of has revealed that Hasbro has revealed their second set for the con with 2 MCU figure based on the Elders of the Universes. It will come with Grandmaster and Unique to this set the Collector.

(Rant Incoming) Personally I’m not a big fan of this set. Not because I don’t want them, I do, but because they are putting Collector with a Figure that is already coming out in the very near future!! They could have placed him with Meik, or Cosmo,or Howard the Duck or one of the Ravagers. Anyone besides the Grandmaster!! While I will be getting it (basically cause Collector looks like this in the comics now),I’m hoping that they will have a third set but that seems unlikely.

Any how here are the images:

Head over to Marvelousnews to discuss this.

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