Rumor- Possible 80th set Update

My source has gotten onto me and has told me some interesting news about the rumor listings that I have been getting. Given that he was 100% right about Agent Anti-Venom, I will choose to believe him.

BUT!!!! As always remember until Hasbro has officially confirmed it or put it up for Pre-order, please take this as a rumor.


  • The Jean/Scott/Logan box set is being called a “Love Triangle” set. Still no word on which versions yet.
  • The Deadpool “suits” 2-pack is Deadpool (obviously) and…………..Hit-Monkey. I’m guessing a straight re-release of the BAF.
  • Camouflage Punisher will be a Fan Channel exclusive just like Agent Anti-Venom. (more the likely a repaint as well).
  • He has also said that there is an Ant-man and Wasp 2-pack but given the price, he believes it might be the Giant-man set he told me about before. This highly indicates that it might be Hank Pym’s Original Giant man and First Appearance Wasp.

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