Final P2Ps and some major site updates

Hey guys I decided to take a small break from doing a new NCS (Juggernaut is coming next week) to finish doing the Post to Pages. For those who don’t know, I have been changing posts into pages to make the site easier to edit. As such, Kree Sentry, Days Of Future Past Wolverine, MCU Nick Fury, T’Chaka, Ayo, Ulysses Klaue and Dora Malajie.

I also did some major updates to the site (with more coming in the weeks. First of all, under the “Near Complete Set” option in the menu, I have tidy and added some more options.

First of all, say goodbye to the Character – all page. Kinda. I have gotten rid of the big list of characters in that page. Now when you click on that page you will have the option of click on one of the A-Z Characters pages. I also added this option in the menu to make it easier to navigate the site. I put alot of work into those pages so let me know what you think.

Speaking of character pages, you may have notice I have removed the Dora Malajie (MCU), Hydra Soldiers (Comic and MCU) and Kree Sentry from these pages. Don’t worry. They are not gone. They are now under a new page called Army Builders. I wanted to separate them since they are not character but more grunts. This page will be under Teams option in the menu, alongside Team Members (like I did for Avengers) and Races.

Finally for the biggest update for the site. You may have noticed on each characters page, near the bottom (under the Needs section) I have been placing “Created by:” text followed by those that created that character. You may have thought why these were there in the first place when they are in the article? That is because I wanted to introduce a new feature called “Creators”. If you click on the name, it will bring you to a new Creators page of that person. There, you will find every character that person created (or co-created).

Again you are probably asking “Why?”. Well say you are a fan of Stan Lee and want to collect every character he made. Or maybe to love Steve Ditko’s art and want to get all the character he drew. Well, just click on the link and see who you should be getting. Please note that I used standard images for each character, so while Stan Lee didn’t created Agent Venom or had a hand in the Lady Thor arc, he did create Flash Thompson and Jane Foster.

So far I have only done the late great Stan Lee but I will be updating and adding these pages as I go along. Let me know what you think of this idea.

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