Wendigo and more

Hey gang. It’s been a while since I did a page on a different race but with the release of new images confirming that Wendigo is indeed the BAF for the X-force wave , I had to do one for them. Yes there has been more then one cannibal beast so have a have a look at this page – https://nearcompleteset.com/wendigo-2/

Not only that but I have including 3 different version of the classic designed Wendigo, each with their own page. I would ask anybody that think I missed someone that uses this design please let me know via the Contact link. Please include a link to the story if you can. Anyhow, I have add Georges Baptiste, Francois Lartigue and Andre Mornet‘s version of Wendigo.

Finally I have changed the Genis Vell and Carol Danvers post to pages.

I have also changed the Wolverine’s X-force figure to the newer version.

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