News! – Complete Spider-man Far From Home wave!!

I try to take a break but Hasbro seems to want me to work 24/7. Hasbro (via sites like Dorksidetoys) have released new images for upcoming Far From Home wave. As a refresher, this line will includer MCU Spider-man (in both red and black and stealth suit), Julia Carpenter’s Spider-woman, Hydro-man, Scorpion and Doppleganger.

If you have been avoiding Spoiler then close this page. However, if you have seen basically any other toyline (IE. Lego or Hasbro basic figure) you more or less know what the remaining figure and BAf are. As a surprise to no one the remaining figure is MCU Mysterio (no umasked head though). The BAF is the MCU Molten man and seeing the size of the parts next to the figure in the package, he is going to be a tall dude.

If you want to check out packaged images see this site –

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