Updated: Toy Fair 2019 – A F-Ton of reveals

Updated Thanks to Jon McClay for notifying me about missing the Iron Man and Spider set.

If you collect Marvel Legends but have been living in a cave, with your fingers in your ears going “~LALALA~” the whole time, then you should know that today was TOY Fair. And this year I’m officially dubbing it “Toy Biz figures? What Toy Biz figures?” as today we got tons of reveals and remakes that would make even Stan Lee (RIP) blush. We have alot to go through so let’s jump in. I’ll be going through this as how they revealed them in the panel to make it easier.

If you remember, during the week there was a rumour that the next Rider’s set would be Captain America. That turned out to be true but it’s not Marvel Prime Cap but instead Ultimate Cap in his WWII outfit. This version was previously release and re-released before but this is a whole new sculpt on a military bike.

They went onto reveal the Spider-man: Far from Home wave. The 2 figure everybody guess were coming was the new standard Spidey (black and Red) and the Stealth costume from the upcoming movie. They also revealed a brand new updated Julia Carpenter Spider-woman in her original costume to upgrade Toybiz’s version, an updated Scorpion in his classic costume and a bendy wire tail, Hydro-man (on the MCU Luke Cage build so not a BAF) with interchangable parts including snap on water legs and brand new and request Doppelganger.

They confirmed what was the first wave of Avengers: Endgame figures but couldn’t reveal any of that movies figure yet. Hercules, Living Laser, Nighthawk, Citizen V and Infinity War Ebony Maw are confirmed for that wave with more to come soon.

As for the second wave they confirmed that Beta Ray Bill, Classic Loki and Union Jack will be in the second wave. They also announce 2 new figures for that wave. The promised Shuri from the Black Panther movie is coming. Her cat gauntlet are removable. She will be joined by Rock Python, another member of the Serpent Society. Hasbro is really intent on filling out that team aren’t they?

They then reveal some Walgreens’ Exclusives with long rumour Infamous Iron Man (Dr. Doom) and Emma Frost in her Renegade outfit.

They also announce that Corvus Glaive would be a Walmart exclusive in a 2 pack with Loki.

Earlier today Target put 2 2-packs up for pre-order they already announced Kraven (who now comes with a Hunting rifle) and Spidey and a brand new set based on Spider-man: Homecoming with Spidey a Yellowjacket and Michelle.

Another surprising pre-order went up today with the Family Ties box set. What is the Family Ties box set? Only just classic versions of Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This is up for pre-order on Amazon at the moment.

During the week they teased the 80th Anniversary set with some classic, modern and MCU sets. As teased, Classic Hulk (with a torn shirt and 2 sets of hands) will come with First Appearance Wolverine so you can recreate their first encounter. It is called a Fan Channel exclusive, which means it will come from Etailers (we think). Colossus in his Classic costume will come with a re-release of Juggernaut with 2 sets of hands and a damage helmet and head. Alex Ross-inspired Iron Man (which blasts effect and 2 extra heads) and Thor will be release to general retail with a newly sculpted Cap with an extra head will be a Walmart exclusive. MCU Cap and Peggy Carter will be an Amazon Exclusive while we are also getting another MCU Hela with Skurge. Grandmaster was leaked earlier and it is true that he will be coming with Korg. Finally (for now) Ant-man friend Luis will coming with Ghost. Those that thought the Iron Spider from the Infinity war should have gotten his waldo and Iron Man should have come with interchaneable will be glad to know they are coming in a 2-pack.

Finally we have not one but 2 vintage waves coming out this year. BUT wait for it……………………..they are both X-men based!! Well, X-men and X-Force. Starting with the X-men we are getting a X-factor Cyclops with 2 head both with epic optic effect and a blast effect that can be attached to his eyes. Being an X-men wave, we have to have a Wolverine with this one being a Patch version. This will be important for the next figure Silver Samurai. Why? because this is the costume that he wore when he first fought the Samurai and is the same costume we got in the MU 2-pack. Silver Samurai is the only new figure in this wave and he comes with his katana. Lastly, people complained when we got Disco Dazzler instead of Outback Dazzler. Well, complain no more. She is here!!!

Finally (god this has been a long post) we have a vintage X-force wave. They confirmed that the Guardian figure reveal at Canada Fan Expo will come in this wave (no idea why but Cool?). He will be joined by Cannonball with a epic blast effect (he should come with legs LOL), Boom Boom with a nifty hand effect and changable head, a new Mr. Sinister based on a more modern coloring and a brand new Nightcrawler with 3 head and a sword.

Well that’s it. But there is one question that still needs to be answered. Where is the Wendigo BAF? I leave that with you.

I will be updating and adding these as soon as I can. Check the schedule for when these will be added and updates. God Help me there is alot to do.


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