Kingpin (Wilson Fisk, Marvel Prime)

AKA: “Fatty”, Harold Howard, Stay Puft, The Brainwasher, The Undertaker, Wilbur

Wilson Fisk has been the Kinpin of crime for most of the time he has been in comics. Introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1967) by Stan Lee and John Romita, Wilson Fisk was introduced after Spider-man retired for the first time. Since Spidey wasn’t around, Fisk began working to expand his criminal empire, proclaiming himself the Kingpin of crime. This lead to a gang war that caused Spidey to return and defeat Kingpin. After a few more encounters, Fisk gave up crime after he was convinced to give up crime by his wife Vanessa. They fled to Japan but eventually returned to turn over state evidence against the crime families. The state had Matt Murdock work with him but a mob hit saw Vanessa seemily killed. He then return to take over the criminal world as the Kingpin again, battling Daredevil in the process.

Since then he has worked behind the scene against many heroes, mainly Spider-man and his arch-enemy Daredevil but also Cap, Wolverine and others. He has also hire many assassins and criminals to work as his private assassins, including Bullseye, Elektra, Typhoid Mary and Nuke. He also has been removed from his role by many other criminals including his own son, the Rose. He also adopted Maya Lopez, Echo, and convinced her that Daredevil had killed her father. He has also taken over many criminal organizations, such as the Hand and Hydra. He has served time in prison but has either blackmail his freedom or had lawyer get him released and the charge expunged. Despite his criminal record and the fact that most people think he is just a misunderstood business owner, he has also became mayor of New York.

As Hasbro teased when asked why they haven’t done Kingpin, he is just a fat guy in a suit so he hasn’t gotten many figures despite fans request. He did get a figure in a Face-Off 2-pack with DD. It took alot of begging from fans, but Hasbro has decided to release their own version as the BAF of a Spider-man wave.



Recommend Figure: Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-man Kingpin wave Kingpin (BAF)

  • Background:
    • Kingpin doesn’t wear a costume. Instead he wear business suits that come in a variety of color but his most famous version is the white suit with his cane, which actually works as a weapon as he has gadgets in it.
  •  Why you need it for your collection?:
    • This is a highly needed character for many collections as he has worked against many heroes and even villains over the years. However, this should be gotten firstly for your Daredevil collection above all else. Spider-man collections must also have this as well as many other characters, including X-23, Captain America, Defenders (modern version with Luke Cage and stuff) and many others. If you have no patience then get the Face-Off one but I would recommend getting the BAF as it look better with today’s figure and comes with 3 heads.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No but could be re-release in a variety of colors.

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