Updates: New Categories

Hey Gang. Some of you may have notice that I have removed alot of the categories and tags on this site. This is because I am trying something new on this site. Tags will be done away with but categories are being redone with a whole new person.

I will be adding a whole set of new categories to the post to make it easier to find things on the site. For example:

  • Members sub-categories will have all the teams that character have been on and you will be able to see who else is on that team bu clicking on the team names
  • Alternate Realities will show what character from alternate universe have been made
  • Family will have various sub categories that show who is the related to that character (FM main family member if you wants:
  • Ally to and Foe to will show all the characters allies and enemies (A stands for Ally and F stands for Foes)
  • Universe show what universe this character is from

If there is any other character you want to add let me know.


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