News – Infinity War Wave 2!!

While it has been listed and leaked on various website, Hasbro today has announced the remaining figure for the Avengers: Infinity War wave 2. Just to recap, this line will include comic book versions of Black Knight and Malekith as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp movie…………Ant-man and the Wasp obviously. Joining them as announced today we have MCU Thor with Stormbreaker, Blonde Black Widow and the BAF is Cull Obsidian   (AKA Black Dwarf).

Now if this is true then it make the Thanos wave looks like S**T. The BAF looks amazing and will work nicely with Comic figures. As for the remaining members of the Black Order, I predict that they will come in the fourth Avengers movie if Hasbro doesn’t make a Third wave for Infinity War.

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