The Avengers – 2010’s Recruits

Oh Boy. This decade was the time when some version of the team could stay together for the better of a year. This was due to the fact that Marvel had a different “Major Event” every year that changed the line up every time. The first major event was Fear Itself, which saw the death of a few members. The major AVX event happened, which cause many X-men to join the team in order to bring peace to the 2 groups. Thanos invaded Earth, which cause a group of street hero lead by Luke Cage, to form a new Avengers team to help with more street level problem. Then the incursion happened in which the multiverse was destroyed only to be saved by Doom and made into Battleworld, which was eventually restored and brought the Ultimate universe into the main continuity. The second Civil war and then The Secret Empire cause shifts in membership. An still more to come.

This decade saw an explosion of new members join with many of then being from other teams like the X-men and Inhumans. After the team defeated Osborn and Steve Rogers was put in charge, he created a number of smaller Avengers team, one with Luke Cage leading the New Avengers, Iron Man leading the main team and himself leading a Secret proactive team. Bucky as Captain America and Spider-woman (Jessica Drew) officially joined the team with Cap recruiting Valkyrie, Nova (Richard Rider), Ant-man (Eric O’Grady) and his girlfriend Sharon Carter into the Secret Avengers. Having help Luke Cage’s team during the Dark Reign, his wife Jessica Jones and best friend Iron Fist officially joined the team after buying the mansion for a dollar. Wanting help build a time machine to go to the Avengers Next timeline, the main team recruited Protector (Noh-Varr). Dr. Strange asked the New Avengers team to find the next Sorcerer Surpreme and was then invited into that team and Red Hulk (Ross) went to the main team when he was beaten by the Hood.

During the Fear Itself story, Daredevil rescued Luke Cages and Jessica’s child which prompted them to invite him into the team. Black Panther refused to rejoin, but instead suggested they recruit his then wife Storm and Cap brought a rather shocked Quake into the main team. Cap asked Captain Britain to join the Avenger, who was then place in the Secret team and then place Agent Venom into the team, against the then leader Hawkeye’s wishes.

After the major Avenger Vs. X-men event, Havok was recruited by Cap to lead a new Unity Squad of X-men and Avengers, nicknamed Uncanny Avengers. The main team had Sunspot, Cannonball, Mainfold, Shang-Chi, Captain Universe, Smasher and Hyperion join. Having been captured by Red Skull and help rescue Scarlet Witch, Rogue joined the Uncanny team to get revenge on Skull who defiled Prof X body by stealing his brain. Wolverine recruited Sunfire as a way to atone for some past mistakes. After the timeline was restored after the Age Of Ultron, Vision recruited many robotic heroes like Doombot and his “brother” Victor Mancha to hunt down dangerous AI in Avengers AI.

Infinity saw the main team of Avenger off in space, which cause Thanos to invaded Earth. Needing to get on Earth, the main team recruited former villains Ex Nihilo and his sister Abyss along with Nightmask and Star Brand. The AI team was joined by Alexis the Protector. Back on Earth while protecting the people from Thanos army, a random team of hero joined together to form a new Mighty Avenger’s team. Blade (as Ronin), Blue Marvel, Power Man (Victor Alvarez) and White Tiger joined together with Luke Cage and Spectrum. After helping then with a team of evil immortals, Dr. Strange villain Kaluu joined the team. Young Nova was given reserve membership. After the Axis story, Brother Voodoo and still heroic Sabretooth joined the Uncanny team while canadian heroes Validator and Pod joined the Sunspot lead team.

After the Secret Wars story, which saw the team had disbanded, Thor (Foster), Ms Marvel (Khan) and Spider-man (Morales) joined together with Young Nova, Iron Man, Vision and Captain America (Wilson) to form the ANAD Avengers. A new team of Uncanny Avenger were recruited that had Deadpool, Inhuman Synapse and Human Torch with Sunspot creating Avengers Idea Machanics, with Songbird, Squirrel Girl and Young Avengers Wiccan and Hulkling. Cable joined the Uncanny to help hunt down the Red Skull and She-Hulk began to lead a new team of all female member in A-force, where she was joined by Medusa, Singularity, Dazzler and Nico Minoru. Hank Pyms’ daughter Red Wasp went to the ANAD team to find her now dead father.

The aftermath of the Civil War II saw Hydra taking over the US which cause a few Avengers to create the Occupy Avengers with Red Wolf joining. A new Iron Patriot and Red Hulk joined the USAvengers while Nightshade, Doctor Doom and Wheel Wolinski joined the Occupy Avengers.


Bucky/Captian America/Winter Soldier

Joined in: Avengers vol. 4 #1

Steve Rogers had been “killed” after the Civil War. Wanting Tony Stark to help Bucky, Iron Man asked Bucky, the then Winter Soldier, to take up the mantle of Captain America. Bucky then joined up with Luke Cage’s team as anti-Registration team, while still working as an official hero. After the defeat of Osborn, he officially joined the team as part of the main team, while Steve Rogers was heading up SHIELD. Bucky remained part of the team until his supposed death during Fear Itself. He has since gone on to become the leader of the Thunderbolts.


Spider-woman (Jessica Drew)

Joined in: Avengers vol. 4 #1

Jessica Drew was first believed to have joined the New Avengers team. However this turned out to be a Skrull in desguise. Drew was actually kidnapped by the Skrull years later and when she was rescued during the Secret Invasion, she joined up with Luke Cage’s team. After Siege, she was officially made part of the main Avengers team. She remained in that team until the end of the Spider-verse saga, where she want to do more with her life.



Joined in: Secret Avengers vol. 1 #1 

During the Siege on Asgard, Valkyrie had joined the battle against Osborn’s force. Her valor in this battle prompted Steve Rogers to asked her to join the proactive team of Secret Avengers. She remained on that team for a while, even having a relationship with Agent Venom. She left the team during Fear Itself where she went in search of the Hammer for the Worthy to destroy them.


Sharon Carter

Joined in: Secret Avengers vol. 1 #1 

After Cap was recruited, Sharon Carter rekindle their relationship. Even though she had officially left SHIELD previously she become the liason to the Secret team. However, unlike Maria Hill (for the main team) and Victoria Hand (for the New Avengers), she took on a more active role and was granted a full membership because of this. She left the team when Cap did.



Nova (Richard Rider)

Joined in: Secret Avengers vol. 1 #1 

At soon point before the formation of the Secret team, Cap had gotten Nova to join the team. He was then sent to Mars to research location of the Serpent Crown and what powers it had. When he was attacked, he sent for help from the team. He remained with the team until he had to leave to fight in the Thanos Imperative, where he was presumed killed. He has since returned.


Ant-man / Slaying Mantis / Black Ant

Joined in: Secret Avengers vol. 1 #1 

Eric O’Grady was part of Osborn’s team of Thunderbolts. Having seen what Osborn was like and wanting to redeem himself, he joined up with Cap’s team of Secret Avengers. Though most members distrusted him at first, he proved himself a hero. He was later killed after saving a child but was replaced by a LMD and turned against the team. Whether you think the LMD is the same person is up to you.


Iron Fist

Joined in: New Avengers vol. 2 #1 

Iron Fist was part of his best friend’s team of New Avengers during both the anti-registration and Dark Reign saga. He was made an official member when he paid for the mansion for a dollar. He played a big part of that team until it was eventually broken up. He later reformed Heroes for Hire.



Jewel / Knightress / Power Woman

Joined in: New Avengers vol. 2 #1 

Jessica had been around the Avengers as long as her husband had. In fact they had their wedding in the Avengers Tower. However she was rightfully more concerned with raising their daughter then being a hero. She ran with Luke after the Civil War and help the other heroines in rescuing Hawkeye. She was made an official member after Siege but left after an attack on the mansion. However she joined her husband in the Mighty team until they broke up. She has since returned to being a detective and a member of the new Defenders.

Marvel Boy / Protector

Joined in: Avengers vol. 4 #6 

A Kree from another timeline, Noh-Varr was imprison in a superhuman jail during the Secret Invasion, where he escaped and stop the Skrull Mar-Vell. He was invited to join the Dark Avengers but left immediately after he found out the where all villains. After a battle with Sentry, he was given a new suit by the Supreme Intelligence and became the Protector. This was witnessed by Cap and Wolverine, who believed he would make a great after. After Siege, the main team of Avengers needed to create a time machine and asked him to join. He eventually left the team but has since joined up with the Young Avengers.

Doctor Strange

Joined in: New Avengers vol. 2 #7 

Strange had given up his mantle of Sorcerer Supreme after using forbidden magic. He had sheltered Luke Cage’s team but left shortly before they were officially made a team. When he needed help searching for a new Sorcerer Supreme, he sought the help of the New Avengers. After confirming that Voodoo was now the Sorcerer Supreme, he was invited to join the team. However, during a battle with Agamotto, Voodoo was killed and Strange was made Sorcerer Supreme again. He left the team after the Secret Wars.

Red Hulk (Ross)


Joined in: Avengers vol. 4 #12

When the Hood had beaten him up after gaining the Power Stone, Red Hulk went to the main team for help. The team then defeated the Hood and Cap, recognising a good soldier, invited Red Hulk as a member. He remained with the team until the AVX saga, where he went on a covert mission to kill Cyclops. He then formed a new team of Thunderbolts, until he was depowered by the Hulk and arrested by the military for dissertation of duty.



Joined in: New Avengers vol. 2 #16 

Despite being a bit of a loner for most of his career, DD has a long association with the Avengers. In one instance, after he was attacked by Hawkeye while dating Black Widow, he helped the team in defeating an enemy. He was invited to join then but refused. During Fear Itself, he rescue both Luke Cage’s daughter and Squirrel Girl. This impressed Luke so much that he invited DD into the New Avengers and wouldn’t take not for an answer. He remained with that team until he had to leave to move to San Fransico.



Joined in: Avengers vol. 4 #19

The leader of the X-men and the then Queen of Wakanda, wife to Black Panther, was not actually Steve Roger’s first pick to join the main team. He actually asked Black Panther to join but he had other obligations. He then suggested that his wife join instead. She served a short membership, leaving during the AVX to return to the X-men.


Captain Britain (Braddock)

Joined in: Secret Avengers vol. 1 #22

During a meeting with MI13, Steve Rogers invited Cap Brit to join the Avengers, which he accepted against his other teammates wishes. He was place in the Secret team and remained with that team until it disband, as well as problems with Otherworld and stuff.



Agent Venom

Joined in: Secret Avengers vol. 1 #23

Having proven himself during the Spider-Island story, Agent Venom was invited to join the Secret team by Steve Rogers. He worked with the team for quite a while having a flirtatious relationship with Valkyrie. He left to join Red Hulk’s Thunderbolts. He was later sent to replace Iron Man in the Guardians of the Galaxy.




Joined in: Uncanny Avengers #1

In the aftermath of the Avengers VS X-men, many people were more distrusting of mutants. Cap realised that the Avengers were doing too little for the mutant race and decided to set up a new team that was a mixture of X-men and Avengers (and later Inhumans and other subspecies). Needing a face to lead, Cap picked Havok, who was disgusted by what his brother had done. He took to leading the team of Uncanny Avengers through most of their earlier adventures but was transformed evil during the Axis saga. He left the team after that.


Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #1 

During the big drafting of X-men into the Avengers, Cannonball was one of the new members on the team alongside fellow New Mutant, Sunspot. There he began a relationship with Smasher, who he later had a child with. He later joined the US Avengers, but left to raise his child.



Joined in: Uncanny Avengers #4 

Rogue didn’t want to become a member of the Avengers. In fact she partly blamed them for everything that happened to mutants by not taken care of Scarlet Witch and for the death of Prof X. However after she was later captured by the Red Skull alongside Scarlet Witch, she learnt that he had stolen Prof X’s dead body and mutilated it to gain the brain of Prof X. She helped Scarlet Witch escape and helped stop the hate riots that Red Skull cause. She joined the Uncanny team in order to track down Skull and bring him to justice. She has since merged with Wonder Man and become the field leader of the team.


Joined in: Uncanny Avengers #5

Sunfire was recently a member of Apocalypse’s Horsemen and the Brotherhood. He was feeling guilty and ashamed that the Japan iconic hero had turned evil. He was then approached by Wolverine. He refused at first but he eventually joined as part of his redemption. He was later killed but transformed his body into pure energy. He left during the 8 months after the Secret Wars.


Ex Nihilo

Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #17 

Ex Nihilo and his sister Abyss, were part of an alien group known as the Gardeners, who went about terra-forming planet. When the Avengers noticed that Mars was different they went and met them. After first battling and learning the first of their missions, Ex Nihilo remain on Mars promised but to approach Earth. When Thanos attacked Earth and some of the Avengers were off world, they approach the 2 for help and they joined the team. They sacrificed their lives in the Incursions.

Blade / Ronin

Joined in: Mighty Avengers vol 2 #1

Blade had approach Monica Rambaeu, Spectrum, for help in stopping the Deathwalkers. However, they had to stop Thanos’ invasion, with him dressed up as Spider-Hero, where he became a member of Luke Cages’ Mighty Avengers. He later took the identity Ronin in order hide his identity from the Deathwalkers. After he was attacked and captured by the Deathwalkers, he was rescued by the team but left after that having completed his mission.


White Tiger (Ayala)

Joined in: Mighty Avengers vol 2 #3

Having been doing intern work with the Heroes for Hire after graduating from the Avengers Academy, White Tiger was another hero who helped defeats Thanos’ army and formed the new Mighty Avengers. She remained with the team but her thirst for revenge against Gideon Mace, cause stress for the team who wanted to stop her from killing him. She eventually over came these urges and began a relationship with the new Power Man. She left the team when it disbanded.


Nova (Alexander)

Joined in: Nova #25

Kid Nova’s first encounter with the Avengers is when he crashed landed on Earth and warned them about the approaching Phoenix Force. He was invited to join the team after that by Thor, but was denied cause of his age. He was later given reserve membership. After the Secret Wars, he became a full member in the All-New, All-Different team. However left after the Civil War II, he left in protest and helped form the teen team of the Champions.


Brother Voodoo

Joined in: Avengers & X-Men: AXIS#9

Voodoo has encounter the Avengers teams a few times. One such occassion is when they help Strange search for the next Sorcerer Supreme  where Voodoo was chosen. He didn’t stay in that position long as he was later killed by Agamotto. During the Axis story, he was brought back to life when a “good” Dr. Doom went to the afterlife for help against Scarlet Witch. After that he joined up with The Uncanny Avengers, to which he still remains.



Joined in: Uncanny Avengers vol. 2 #1

During the Axis story, Sabretooth was one of many villains that Magneto recruited to defeat Red Onslaught. During the course of the battle, he was transformed into a more heroic version of himself. He help the other transformed hero in defeating and restoring the heroes. Thanks to a special sheild from the evil Iron Man, he remained a hero afterwards. He joined up with The Uncanny team after against many of the teams wishes, in order to redeem himself. He was later kicked off the team and joined up with Magnetto’s X-men.

Thor (Foster)

Joined in: All-New All-Different Avengers #1

Having been Thor for quite a few months, Jane Foster went to help the group of heroes who were battling a superpowered alien. This group later became the ANAD Avengers. She later developed a relationship with Sam Wilson, when he discover who she was. She remained with the team since.


Ms Marvel (Khan)

Joined in: All-New All-Different Avengers #1

Ms Marvel has always been a fan girl of the Avengers. When she was turned into an Inhuman, she modelled herself after her hero Captain Marvel (Danvers). She was one of the three younger heroes to join the ANAD team. During the Civil War II story she at first sided with Danvers but later changed to Iron Man after her friend, Spider-man (Morales), was accused of a crime he didn’t commit yet. She left the team in disgusted to join up with the Champions.


Spider-man (Morales)

Joined in: All-New All-Different Avengers #1

A refuge from the Ultimate Universe after the Secret Wars, Morales was taken under the wings of the older Spider-man. He joined up with the ANAD team and developed a close friendship with Ms Marvel and Nova. He joined Iron Man side in the Civil War II and was eventually believed to about to kill Cap. Becoming the most wanted person, he took a stand in Washington and proved the prediction wrong. He left the team in disgust and helped form the Champion.


Joined in: Avengers #0

Deadpool was made an Avenger after he helped Cap with trying to find a cure for the M-Pox for Rogue much to his reluctant. He joined the Uncanny team and began to fund it with the money he earned from his mercenary work. However his antics cause Spider-man (Parker) to leave. He stayed on the team but later was kicked off by Cap, who was turned into a Hydra agent by the cosmic cube. Even though Rogue pleaded with Cap to rethink this, DP and Rogue went to the other team members and became an unofficial team.


Human Torch (Storm)

Joined in: Avengers #0

Reed and Sue had disappeared after the Secret Wars. The Thing had went into space so the Fantastic Four had broken up, Johnny joined up with the Uncanny team as part of the liason with the Inhumans. Johnny felt out of place with the team, especially after his best friend Spider-man left. However, he took a small bit of leadership when the Shredder man appeared. He was one of the first to realise that the team was no longer official but decided to stay with the team.


Joined in: Avengers #0

If you believe the Destiny Wars, Songbird was always destined to become an Avegners as she was one of the 2 future Avengers summoned by Rick Jones at the time. Later has a SHIELD spy, she joined the AIM team (Avengers Idea Mechanics.) However she changed side to Sunspot. She later left the team but was recruited by Winter Soldier into the new Thunderbolts.



Joined in: Avengers #0

The former Young Avenger and son of the Scarlet Witch, Wiccan and his boyfriend joined Sunspots AIM team to help prevent a prophecy from coming true. They are captured by a group of Skrull and Kree hybrids in hope to unit the 2 races. However during this event Wiccan got persist by a evil ghost and turned into Demiurge. With the help of Hulkling he was able to beat the ghost.



Joined in: Avengers #0

See above.






Joined in: Uncanny Avengers vol. 3 #4 

Cable travelled back in time to prevent an disaster from happening, where he encountered the Uncanny team as they were fighting the Shredder Man. After that, Cap invited Cable to join the team, which he refused at first until Cap told him that the team’s main goal to track and capture the Red Skull. Later himself and Rogue went on a rogue mission and attack a US base that was research the Terrigen Mist to use against mutants. Cap stopped them but Deadpool and Rogue allowed Cable, Toad and Sebastian Shaw to escaped thus leaving the team. This action cause Cap to “disband” the team and cause them to go underground.


Joined in: A-Force Vol. 2 #1

The cute living pocket dimension first appeared during the Secret Wars, where she encounter a group of female heroes lead by She-Hulk. Once the universe was restored, she reappeared and was being track by the Antimatter. She went in search of the heroes she remembered from the Battleworld, all of who didn’t remember the event. This eventually lead to becoming the A-Force Team.


Joined in: A-Force Vol. 2 #1

The queen of the Inhumans was one of the first people that Singularity went to for help. Sing teleported Medusa and She-Hulk against their will. She would later help form the A-force. Given her position of Queen she would constantly question She-Hulk’s lead but would still follow her orders.




Joined in: A-Force Vol. 2 #2

When Antimatter starting attacking the A-force, it was suggested that they find someone with light power, to which Sing teleported them to Dazzler, who conked her on the head with a hocking stick. It was later revealed during a conversation with an Alternate universe Dazzler Thor, that she was suffering from M-Pox and was dying. She left the team after Danvers wanted to arrest Nico Minoru.



Sister Grimm

Joined in: A-Force Vol. 2 #2

Nico was probably the closest person to Sing during the Secret Wars. When none of the standard attacks were working against Antimatter, Sing thought magic might work and went to Nico, during her cousin’s wedding. She helped defeat Antimatter. She later was persisted by the Countess but fought against her control and refused to kill her friends. During the Civil War II, she was accused of about to kill some one even though she hadn’t done it yet. She left the team after.


Dr. Doom / Iron Man

Joined in: Avengers Vol 7 #7 

Doom had gain everything he ever wanted during the Secret Wars when he became a god. After he was defeated and the world restored, he wanted to try and change and become a hero. When Stark was believed killed during the Civil War II, he took up the mantle of Iron Man and eventually joined the main Avengers team.




Quake (Daisy Johnson)

Joined in: Avengers vol. 4 #19

Chance of him being made: Extremely High Chance.

Why? : This is more the case of “Why don’t we have her yet?” rather then whether she is coming. She is one of the main stars of the Agents of SHIELD TV series. I mean they don’t even need to do much for her built. Just give us a Sharon Carter with a repaint and new head and lower arms for her gaunlets.

Sunspot / Citizen V

Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #1 

Chance of him being made: High Chance.

Why? : The X-men wave have proven to be the most popular subline of ML since they return. However that line seems to be focusing on the main team rather then the spin-off like X-force. It seems that the Deadpool line will include much of the X-force so maybe we will see him in one of those waves. He should use the Bucky Cap mold.



Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #1 

Chance of him being made: Low Chance.

Why? : This is a short-lived character that hasn’t really had a impact on the comics since his first appearance. However he would be a easy repaint.



Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #1 

Chance of him being made: Extremely High Chance.

Why? : I have said before (watch the now silly Ideal wave video for Spider-man) that I truly think that this character really needs a figure.  He is a important part of Marvel history which Marvel grabbed onto the Kung-Fu movie craze that also help introduced Iron Fist. He could use the 2099 body or the same body as the Iron Fist figure. I could see him coming in a Spider-man or a Marvel Knight wave.

Captain Universe (Tamara Devoux)

Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #1 

Chance of him being made: Possible

Why? : I would have said that this had a low chance of being made, but the story line she was important in is the one that Ex Nihilo was important. Hasbro has a habit of trying to complete certain stories so we could see her being made eventually. She could even is the Moonstone body mold.



Smasher (Kane)

Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #1 

Chance of him being made: Possible

Why? : With the Gladiator being rumoured to be coming in the Apocalypse wave, he is going to need some character to have as part of the Imperial Guard of the Shi’Ar so why not give us one that was an Avengers as well. It could use the Rogue build.


Hyperion (Milton)

Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #1 

Chance of him being made: Highly possible

Why? : First, one we got is a different character. That be said because we have gotten that older version they chance of us getting this is high. This could be a straight repaint of that one with a bit of resculpting. Possible Supreme Squadron box set any one?




Joined in: Avengers AI #1 

Chance of him being made: Low Chance

Why? : While Hasbro has slowly being doing most of the F4 franchise, they will do Dr. Doom eventually. However this wears a different version to Doom’s classic armor so they might just skip him altogether, unless they do a AI box set.



Victor Mancha

Joined in: Avengers AI #1 

Chance of him being made: High Chance

Why? : With Hasbro having released Nico Minoru and the Runaways getting a TV series then the chances of Victor being made are high. He could even come in the Ant-man and Wasp Wave since he is technically Hank Pym’s grandson. May need a new build but with interchangeable arms to show his robot arts.




Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #17  

Chance of him being made: Possible

Why? : The main reason that we might get this one is because we got her brother Ex Nihilo. Both of these are extremely lesser known characters. It could be released in the GOTG VOl 3 wave since her brother was part of the Vol 2 wave.



Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #17  

Chance of him being made: Possible

Why? : This guy is actually a fan favourite but hasn’t really been seen since his story line. While he might get made, the chances are low.




Joined in: Avengers vol. 5 #17  

Chance of him being made: Low Chance

Why? : This could be made on the Teenage mold but I just don’t see him being made any time soon. Maybe Marvel will do something with him but as it is I don’t think we will see him in figure form.



Alexis The Protector

Joined in: Avengers A.I. #3 

Chance of him being made: Low Chance

Why? : This character was a short lived AI that has very little chance of being made. I don’t think she has been seen for since that series ended.



Blue Marvel

Joined in: Mighty Avengers vol 2 #2

Chance of him being made: Extremely High Chance

Why? : I have said in the Black Panther Ideal Wave that this guy is almost guaranteed at this stage. He was a major part of fan favourite teams and has a good fan following. Could be part of a Avengers wave or part of Captain Marvel’s wave. It could the Spider-uk nold or if you want something bigger the Tombstone mold.


Power Man (Alvarez)

Joined in: Mighty Avengers vol 2 #3

Chance of him being made:  High Chance

Why? : This guy has been a fan favourite since his introduction. Hasbro is close to completing that version of the Mighty Avengers with this guy and Blue Marvel really being the only ones left. He could use the Bucky Cap mold but could be in a Spider-man wave, Avengers or Knights wave (since he was Iron Fist’s student.)



Joined in: Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 

Chance of him being made:  Low Chance

Why? : While I wouldn”t say it’s impossible, he is such a lesser know character that I had to look him up when he first appeared in the Mighty Avengers series. However he might work for a Dr. Strange wave as one of the villains.




Joined in: Avengers (vol. 5) #39 

Chance of him being made:  Low Chance

Why? : Alpha / Omega Flight are getting a bit more attention now but I don’t see this one coming anytime soon. While it would make for a easy repaint, she is one of the lesser know characters.



Joined in: Avengers (vol. 5) #39 

Chance of him being made:  Possible

Why? : This character is getting a bit of exposure with her being a part of AIM and US Avengers. She would require a new mold.



Joined in: Avengers #0

Chance of him being made:  Possible

Why? : The Inhuman characters are slowly coming out and there is a possibility that we will get a Inhuman wave so instead of Black Bolt and Medusa, they could slot her into a wave.



Squirrel Girl

Joined in: Avengers #0

Chance of him being made:  Extremely High Chance

Why? : Extremely popular character and is about to be a TV star in the New Warriors series?  Yep she is coming. Maybe as a New Warrior box set.


Wasp (Nadia Pym)

Joined in: All-New, All-Different Avengers #9

Chance of him being made:  High Chance

Why? : I could see this character being done in the Ant-man and Wasp wave as a substitute to Janet Van Dyne. Most casuals would only think she is just Janet anyway.




Red Wolf

Joined in: Occupy Avengers #1 

Chance of him being made:  Low Chance

Why? : While he has been an Avenger associated character, I just don’t see Hasbro making this. I would love for them to do it just to get a bit more Native American characters into the display (Warpath is the only one so far).



Iron Patriot (Toni Ho)

Joined in: US Avengers #1 

Chance of him being made:  BAF Possible

Why? : I could see them doing this figure as a possible BAF using the Mandroid figure for a Avengers wave.




Red Hulk (Maverick)

Joined in: US Avengers #1 

Chance of him being made:  Possible

Why? : If Hasbro ever decides to redo or release the Red Hulk BAF, then this could be possible head swap.


Nightshade / Nighthawk

Joined in: US Avengers #4

Chance of him being made:  Low Chance

Why? : This is a lesser know villain and even her new Nighthawk identity is too new to be made (especially if they make that version and not the Classic Squadron Supreme version one like we all want)



Wheels Wolinski

Joined in: US Avengers #7

Chance of him being made:  Low Chance

Why? : He is a kid in a wheelchair. need I say more?




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