The Avengers – 1980’s Recruits

In the 80’s The Avengers membership exploded with new recruits. This was because of one major factor, a second Avengers team. Thinking that one team of Avengers wasn’t enough to protect the states, Hawkeye suggested they set up a second team to the then chairperson, Vision, in order for them to respond to more incidents. Hawkeye was sent to the West coast and set up a new team that would become known as the West Coast Avengers. This was also the first time a major event influenced the change of roster like the Inferno event and the UN Carter event.

As for new recruits, Wonder Man returned from the dead and stay at the mansion before joining the team. Tigra joined up with the team before heading to the WCA as a founder. She-Hulk joined the team after a time with the F4 and became the teams legal consul. Monica Rambaeu, then known as Captain Marvel, joined the team soon after she gained her powers and eventually lead the group. After the Infinity Gauntlet saga, Starfox as given member-in-training status. Mockingbird and War Machine, who was Iron Man at the time, helped set up the West Coast team, alongside Hawkeye, Tigra and Wonder-man. Namor was offered membership in the east team after been removed from the Atlantis throne while the Thing was given membership when he was part of a wrestling group on the west team. Dr. Druid forced his way into becoming a member of the east team before betraying the team to Terminatrix. Moon Knight joined the West Coast team and Firebird was given reserve membership. Demolition Man was given membership by Captain America but he hasn’t of yet been on any mission. The team broke up during the Inferno event which destroyed the mansion, but when a invasion happen, Captain America, then going by the Captain, joined together with Thor, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman (both who had left the F4 to raise their son) and the Eternal Gilgamesh. The government forced the West Coast team to accept US Agent as a member and Quasar was given reserve membership. Lastly, the Original Human Torch returned to life and was given a place in the West Coast team, which cause problem for Vision, since he believed his body was the Original Human Torch.



Joined IN: Avengers #194 (April 1980)

Wonder man first appeared #9 where he was a down and out industrial in trouble for embezzlement . He blamed Tony Stark for this and so when Enchantress, under the order of Baron Zemo, offered him a chance to get back at him he took it. Zemo gave him Ionic powers which he use to trick the Avengers into believing he was a hero who was dying. He then took them to Zemo, who he betrayed after learning that the Avengers were trying to cure him. He fell into a cold sleep similar to death after. This cause some great effect on the Avengers, including the Grim Reaper blaming the team for his brothers death and Ultron using his brain patterns to create the personality of the Vision. He later was revive and stay with the team before the offered him full membership. He was later one of the founders of the West Coast team.


Joined In: Avengers #211 (September 1981)

Greer Nelson was once the hero called the Cat, wearing the costume that would become Hellcats. After meeting a race of Cat people she was tranformed into the form seen today. Finding the team shorthanded, Moondragon forced a number of hero to come to the mansion and asked them to join. Cap didn’t like the method but did invite Tigra to join anyway, which she accept. Her term on the East team was short but she was one of the founders of the West Team. She later became a teacher at Avengers Academy.



Joined In: Avengers #221 (July 1982)

The cousin of the Hulk, She-Hulk had decided to remain in her Hulk form. She was then invited to join just before the team was transport to Battleworld. Afterwards she left the team and joined up with the F4. She has since returned a number of time, including being Luke Cage’s team legal consul. After the Secret Wars, she help form a new female only team A-force, to help search for refuges of the Secret Wars.




Captain Marvel/Photon/Pulsar/Spectrum

Joined In: Avengers #231 (May 1983)

After Monica Rambeau was given her powers, she sought out the Avengers to help her control them. She was mentored by Cap and Wasp before given full membership. This make her the first African-American woman to join the team. Not only that but after Wasp left the team, she was made leader of the group but left after the battle with Marina. She remained a reservist for a while. She would later rejoin as a member of Luke Cage’s Mighty Avengers and followed Blue Marvel as part of the Ultimates.




Joined In : West Coast Avengers #1

Bobby Morse was the wife of Hawkeye when he was asked to set up a new West Coast team, which he invited his wife to join. She remain with the team for a while but was forced to quit after she was attacked and killed the Phantom Rider. She rejoined the team but was believed killed later. It was revealed that that wasn’t Mockingbird but a Skrull. She was rescue by the Avengers during the Secret Invasion. She rejoined the team with Hawkeye, working with the renegade Avengers against the Dark Avengers. She has since joined up with SHIELD.


Iron Man / War Machine / Iron Patriot

Joined In: West Coast Avengers #1

When Tony Stark had quit being Iron Man to battle alcoholism, James Rhodes stood up and became Iron Man. He was invited by Hawkeye to help found the West Coast team. When Tony returned, he gave up the Iron Man mantle and later when Tony faked his death, became War Machine.  He rejoined the team and was later part of the Secret Avengers team.





Joined In: Avengers #262 (December 1985)

Namor has fought the Avengers before but usually only when it was for his people. When he was dethroned, Cap offered him a place in the team which he accepted. They later helped him regain his throne. It was also during this time that he met Marina and fell in love. The Avengers attended their wedding but Namor had to kill her when she transformed into a monster. He has sent rarely been part of a main Avengers team, except for the Illuminati.



The Thing

Joined In: West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #9

The Thing had left the F4 to journey across America with a superhuman wrestling group when he encounter the West Coast team and helped them on a few mission, gaining a membership soon after but left to lead the F4 before he could fully join. He would later rejoin during the Heroic Age, which he joined Luke Cage’s team.


Moon Knight

Joined In: West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #21

As An agent of Khonshu, Moon Knight began to aid the West Coast team. When he went into the future and rescued the team, was offered membership. He left the left later, after being abandoned by Khonshu and a battle Seth. He later rejoined the Secret Avengers team.





Demolition Man / Scourge of the Underworld

Joined In: Captain America #349 (January 1989)

D-man was a member of the same wrestling organization as the Thing who gain superpowers by Power Brokers. He later became a hero know as Demolition Man or D-man. He was gain member by Cap but never joined in any battles. He later became Scourge but was believed killed by Sharon Carter. He has since returned to wrestling.

Mr. Fantastic

Joined In: Avengers #300

Reed and Sue had left the F4 to take a chance to raise their son. However, during a invasion, they decided to jump into action and along with Cap, Thor and Gilgmesh formed a new team of Avengers. He has since been a part of the Illuminati team.

Invisible Woman

Joined In: Avengers #300

Same as Reed, except she hasn’t joined any other Avengers team.





US Agent

Joined In: West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #44

The former Captain America, US Agent placed into the West Coast team by the government. This and his attitude cause tension in the team but he eventually warmed up to the team and became a prominent member. When the team was disband he joined with other disgruntled member and became a member of Force Works.



Joined in:Avengers #243 (May 1984)

Chance of him being made: Possible

Why? : Starfox is one of those characters that would be easy to remake on one of the standard body like the Bucky Cap or The Spidey body. However, he is extremely lesser known then his brother, Thanos but that also gives him a better chance of being made then most.



Doctor Druid

Joined in: Avengers #278 (April 1987)

Chance of him being made: Possible

Why? : I would say this guy had a low chance but given the success of the Dr. Strange movie and the inevitable sequel Hasbro needs more wizards to fill out their waves, so he has a higher chance of being made now.




Joined in: West Coast Avengers Annual #2



Chance of him being made: Low Chance

Why? : This is a long forgotten character who only had a short appearance in the Avengers since she was introduced.






Forgotten One / Gilgamesh

Joined In: Avengers #300

Chance of him being made: Low Chance

Why? : Gilgamesh falls under a whole legal mess involving the Kirby Family. None of the Eternals have really be seen since the limit series a few years back but Gilgamesh hasn’t wasn’t in that at all.




Joined In: Avengers #305


Chance of him being made: Extremely High Chance

Why? : Not only is Quasar an extremely requested character he is also rumoured to becoming in a future Avengers wave.



Jim Hammond Human Torch

Joined In: Avengers West Coast #50


Chance of him being made: Extremely High Chance

Why? : Seriously Hasbro!??? No. Even Before that. Seriously Toybiz!! How have you not made the easiest head swap ever. Yes you made a MU version but we want a Marvel Legends 6″ figure. Give it to us!!



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