Schedule – Updated -11/7/2020

Updates – added Mastermold

Below you will see the schedule I will be following over the next couple of weeks. Please note that this is not set in stone as I may change my mind, be too busy to do them or a new piece of news comes out. It should be noted that fan requests take priority. I will be doing this in wave, box set and exclusive with Comic version being done first for any MCU version that has been done.


New Characters

  • Regular Releases:
    • Bastion
    • Mastermold
  • Exclusives:
    • Shared Exclusives
    • Amazon
      • Puck
      • Shaman
      • Snowbird
      • Vindictor
    • Target
      • Winter Soldier (MCU)
      • Falcon
      • Falcon (MCU)
      • Kraven The Hunter
      • Michelle Jones (MCU)
      • Nebula
      • Thunderbolt Ross
    • Former TRU
      • Scarlet Witch (MCU)
      • Rocket Racoon
      • Rocket Racoon (MCU)
      • Groot
      • Groot (MCU)
    • SDCC
      • Iron Fist (MCU)
      • Coleen Wing (MCU)
      • The Collector
    • Walgreens
      • Emma Frost
      • Moonstar
      • Karma
      • Wolfbane
      • Phoebe Cuckoo
      • Celeste Cuckoo
      • Irma Cuckoo
      • Iron Man 2020
      • Moon Knight
    • Marvel Unlimited Subscription
      • Punisher Venom
      • Terror Inc
    • Gamestop
      • Hulk (Gamerverse)
    • Walmart
  • Unknown


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